Glitch Network

Patched Concept #2 Glitch Network– Now Open

Everyone you need to know in one place , also as a secondary option while utilizing Discord Bots for notifications. Which seems to be a big problem for YouTube Live Streamers and their viewers.

Took me 3 months before I heard the name Broontango, and that was only because he was playing in the background at someone’s house in the PS4 party I was in. It was his passion and Cartoon Character like voice and Logo that had me even more intrigued at age 21 (plus 12).. It’s been 5 1/2 years now and he’s still the same if not better entertainer in this community and I still watch him to this day. With 2 years of brainstorming one of the largest problems in Live Streaming is the notification system. Along with figuring out an alternative, I thought let’s bring everyone in.

YouTubes notifications system has not been changed for the growing Live Streaming Community. A10 minute video is just the same as a Live Stream. Why? Why do our subscribers get notifications hours after our Live Stream? YouTube gradually sends out these notification’s, and your only hope is to utilize their 3 limit notifications by starting and stopping your streams every 2-3 hours to send out another notification.

Discord is the option for the notification issue, So Glitch Network was built. A Discord Server that utilizes a bot system as a secondary, if not primary option for you to receive all your notifications from your favorite Live Streamer. Let’s 1 up that, why not make a server with every single Live Streamer/Glitcher/ Contributor in the Glitch Community.

Anyone that’s considered a Videographer that uses YouTube as their main choice of uploading videos and Live Streams. All 100 of them if that may be, regardless of permission/beef/or hate…whoops. With the “@everyone” on option in the chat itself an alert goes out to all members in the Discord Server, but the bot will send it automatically without you having to do anything. The bot system is currently being coded. Enjoy.

(One change is the focus of Live Stream Notifications ONLY, We’re looking into this option for the bot to acknowledge the difference as this concept was built with the Live Streamer at mind.)

LoSt GliTches Head of Networking and Social Communications for The #Patched Community 2/7/21