“Patched” is a Social Gaming Community with multiple concepts led by and based on it’s members and structurally built by their suggestions, opinions, experience and knowledge. These concepts are:

“#Patched Public” Server:

The main public server of communication for all #Patched Community Members, Volunteers, Contributors and Live Streamers.

“#Patched -Glitch Forum” Web forum and Server:

Posts made by it’s members pertaining to any malfunctions (Glitches) in any given video game. These posts are for informational purposes and the video game owners can use the information to fix the malfunction. #Patched has no affiliation pertaining to any video game posted nor endorsed, sponsored or paid by any of its companies. The information given should not be used in a way to give false stats or gain in game money outside of what’s allowed. You can pay the video game owners through gift cards by the Console owners or Game owners.

“#Patched Giveaways” Server: (Invitation Only – 30 Day Members)

Server dedicated to Giveaways set by it’s members donations and sponsorship program, including schedule, actual Giveaway, What’s being given, Live Streamer being sponsored for giveaway handout. The streamers are being sponsored and previously volunteer for involvement in said advertised #Patched Giveaway, they are not employees of #Patched and hold no ability of a persuade win towards any set member.

“#Patched Tournaments” Server Coming Soon

Members Server dedicated to Team functions such as: Versus Battles, Fight Clubs, Vehicle Racing, Crew Battles, Streamer Battles, and Deathmatch tournaments. A form of entertainment based on #Patched Member’s suggestions.

#Patched “Community Crews” Server Coming soon

#Patched Crew’s Server is a form of acknowledgment and advertisement for crews in the Social Gaming Community. Includes Hierarchy and the ability to post their own events with or without the inclusion of the #Patched Community.

#Patched “Glitch Network“:

A compiled list of every Contributor known in the Social Gaming Community including updates on new editions of contributors and posts made by the contributor who are given that ability per request. The contributors are added without permission and can be removed at any time per request acknowledgment. Bot Programs within the server are used to notify the members of media posted from their YouTube channels, as a secondary option to receive Notifications of Livestreams on each contributor. These contributors are chosen be their involvement in the Social Gaming Community from content including tutorials and step by step performances through public videos posted and contributions they give to the Social Gaming Community. These contributors are not employees and any involvement to #Patched is on a volunteer bases and #Patched sponsoring said contributor.

“#Patched Private” Server: (Invitation Only)

A private server by invitation only including the Volunteers, Sponsors, Live Streamers, and Contributors, to discuss future and current scheduled events including Giveaways, Tournaments, and Vs. Battles.